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Inline Exhaust Fans

Inline exhaust fans are ducted fans that come in a variety of models and sizes. Our inline fan range covers residential, commercial and industrial applications. There are three models:Axial inline exhaust fans have a single propeller suited to installations with short measures of ducting, minimal bends and no branches. It moves a good amount of air at low pressure.Centrifugal inline exhaust fans are suited to installations with longer measures of ducting and in applications where there may be bends and branches. It moves a good amount of air at high pressure.Mixed flow inline exhaust fans are a mixture of the first two showing centrifugal characteristics from 150mm size up and axial characteristics for below this size. Can be used with longer measures of ducting with bends and branches.

Each product has detailed information on its size and capacity, specifications, pressure curves, features and accessories. Please consult this information before selecting your fan and contact one of our fan experts if you require any further assistance. We also have most models for you to see at our Melbourne showroom – feel free to call prior to make sure we have a specific model available to view.

Inline Exhaust Fan Definition: An inline exhaust fan is usually installed directly into the ceiling cavity and typically mounted in-between lengths of ducting. Inline fans are popular for areas that do not have clearance or roof space for a ceiling exhaust fan. Using an inline exhaust fan within the roof cavity often results in reduced noise.