Product Spotlight: Semi Commercial Wall Fans

Why choose semi commercial wall fans? A semi-commercial wall fan is an excellent cooling solution for gyms, cafes and restaurants. There’s usually a lot of people packed into environments like these. We’ve found that some customers are reluctant to use up valuable floor space with a pedestal fan. Wall mounted fans are designed to be […]

July Arrivals Part Two: New Fans from Fanco! Introducing the Wynd and the Eco Breeze

New Ceiling Fans from Fanco have arrived! This morning, a container arrived at the Universal Fans warehouse with two brand new ceiling fans from Fanco! The wait is over for The Eco Breeze and the Wynd, two highly anticipated products. We’re happy to have them in our ware house and we can’t wait to start […]

We are now a member of the Australian Passive House Association!

Universal Fans is proud to announce that we are now a member of the Australian Passive House Association. Our commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with the Passive House movement.  We strive to provide products and ventilation solutions that are sustainable and offer several products which will help you meet the passive house standard. The Australian […]

Choosing The Right Colour Temperature – LED Light Guide

Ever since the introduction of the light bulb in 1879, we have become accustomed to seeing our homes illuminated by the same incandescent bulbs in their Warm White colour temperature, measured at around 3000k (Kelvin Degrees). The colour temperature emitted by these bulbs gives off a slightly warm, yellowish glow, and they have be for […]