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Outdoor Ceiling Fans

With over 500 outdoor fans to choose from why not begin your search by taking a look at the outdoor fans that our staff love!
"A modern, visually pleasing and aerodynamic design with high airflow and is coastal rated. Hard to beat!"
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"The Claro Whisper is a visually appealing DC fan available with or without light. The model with light has the dimmable CCT option which is ideal for most applications, and being DC it is very quiet and great in the alfresco entertaining area. "
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"Great efficiency and airflow meet modern design, with 3 colour options to suit your outdoor area!"
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"A fan that will be a central feature point on your patio with its unique look. It's  also quiet and has an energy efficient motor, making it very popular for those designer homes.!"

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Exterior or outdoor ceiling fans are made of durable materials built to withstand the outdoor elements. Depending on the outdoor area, we have a selection of fans suitable for undercover areas such as undercover patio and alfresco living spaces, to the more open areas and coastal environments. Check on each ceiling fan listing for the level of durability it has for outdoors, and if you need further clarification speak to our fan specialists. For more information why not read our Outdoor Ceiling Fan Buying Guide. Outdoor fans include models made from ABS plastic and Stainless Steel options.