Choosing The Right Colour Temperature – LED Light Guide

Ever since the introduction of the light bulb in 1879, we have become accustomed to seeing our homes illuminated by the same incandescent bulbs in their Warm White colour temperature, measured at around 3000k (Kelvin Degrees). The colour temperature emitted by these bulbs gives off a slightly warm, yellowish glow, and they have be for […]

DC Ceiling Fans vs AC – Which Ceiling Fan Is Best?


DC Ceiling Fans vs AC Ceiling Fans: Which ceiling fan is best? There are more and more DC ceilings fans being introduced to the Australian ceiling fans market. As a general rule, DC ceiling fans usually use less energy than other ceiling fans. However, many people are asking what ‘DC’ fans actually are, what advantages […]

Introducing the Trident DC Ceiling Fan by Aeroblade – Recommended for Summer 2016/17

The Trident DC Ceiling Fan by Aeroblade comes in not only two size options of 56” (142cm) or 70” (178cm) but also several colour combinations including Black motor with Walnut Blades, Satin Nickel Motor with Walnut Blades, White or a Black Motor with Pine Blades. The Trident has a modern aesthetic in its design with […]

Spyda Ceiling Fan – Get ready for Summer 2016/17

If you’re getting ready for Summer and find you’re in need of a ceiling fan the Spyda Ceiling Fan by Ventair has our recommendation. Spyda Ceiling Fan by Ventair   The Ventair Spyda 49” (124cm) Ceiling Fan is an example of superior and balanced performance. Quality and durability is a key focus with quality Japanese […]