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We have one of the largest ranges of energy saving ceiling fans in Australia. Ceiling fans are naturally energy efficient; however there are additional features that can increase its efficiency even more. Some of these features include a DC motor component and LED lighting options. A few of our most popular DC ceiling fans include the Choice Recommended Origin ceiling fan, the Aeratron ceiling fan and the Fanco Eco Silent fan.
Ceiling fans with a DC motor have some distinct advantages including a quiet, low watt motor, also a remote for operating that includes a reversing button for easy switching between winter and summer modes.
Ceiling fans are not only an efficient cooling product, they also do wonders in winter. Especially for homes with high ceilings, a ceiling fan on reverse can push the excess/wasted heat at the ceiling down, minimising heat waste. All DC ceiling fans are reversible from their remote, while most AC fans are reversible from a switch on the motor. Check individual products to make sure they have a reversing function.

Ceiling Fans With DC Motor: A DC motor is an energy efficient option, consuming less energy than most standard ceiling fans. There is are a selection of fans with the DC motor, all come with remote and some are light adaptable.