Domestic Wall & Pedestal Fans

Free Standing and Wall Mounted Pedestal Fans for the Domestic Environment

Wall and pedestal fans for your home are an energy efficient way to circulate air. We have a large range of wall and free-standing pedestal fans and are one of the only fan specialists in Australia who have sample working fans on display. Pedestal fans are easy to install and many are portable, allowing you to use them when you need them and otherwise store them away.


Domestic Wall & Pedestal Fan Range

We stock and supply a range of pedestal fans, also known as Cooling Fans. Our range includes metal and plastic models as well as the more unique and designer fans. Whether you want something simple or something to make a statement, we have a range for you to choose from.
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Complementing Your Interior Design

Most pedestal fans come in metal (silver, chrome) or plastic which is generally white in colour. Clients with modern, stainless steel appliance filled homes often go for the silver metal fans and those with the more traditional white appliance filled homes usually go for the white fans to suit with their interior design. More recently, new models have become available that cater for those wanting a fashionable feature from their fan.

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