Commercial Fans – Wall & Pedestal Fans

Wall and Pedestal Fans for the Commercial Environment

Wall and pedestal fans are an energy efficient solution for cooling and circulating air in commercial areas. We have a big range of commercial fans including wall, floor and freestanding pedestal fans. We are one of the only fan specialists in Australia who have a sample working on display.


What Makes Them Commercial Grade?

Commercial fans are made to be much stronger than a domestic fan to cope with the commercial environment. An all metal construction and a high airflow output means that these fans are capable of continuous operation. These performance specifications make these commercial fan products ideal for warehouses, gyms and factories etc. Keep in mind that with this high performance comes a certain level of noise, making these commercial fans unsuitable for areas requiring low-level noise.

Commercial Fan Product Range

We stock and supply a range of commercial pedestal fans. Our range extends to powerful floor fans, oscillating or fixed wall fans and adjustable free standing pedestal fans. We have a variety of sizes to give you the performance you require.
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